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'The golden garden' Episode 7 Fashion: Han Ji-hye - Look 130-SEP-2019 Han Ji-hye

Let's take a look at the midi dress Han Ji-hye wears in episode 7 of Korean Drama 'The golden garden' where she acts alongside Lee Sang-woo and Han Ji-hye.

The golden garden Fashion - Han Ji-hye - Ep 7-1

The golden garden Fashion - Han Ji-hye - Ep 7-2

The golden garden Fashion - Han Ji-hye - Ep 7-3

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About 'The golden garden'

The Golden Garden (Korean: 황금정원; RR: Hwanggeumjeongwon) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo, Oh Ji-eun and Lee Tae-sung. It aired four episodes every Saturday on MBC TV from 20:45 to 23:10 (KST), from July 20 to October 26, 2019.

Eun Dong Joo attempts to get back her stolen life. When she was 6 years-old, she was abandoned at an orphanage. She did not remember anything except her name. Despite her difficult environment, she has grown into a woman with a positive and bright personality.
Cha Pil Seung is a detective, who is good at his job. His parents died when he was young and he was then raised by his wealthy grandmother. Even though he is popular with women, he doesn't fall in love with anyone due to trauma from his parents' deaths.

About the Celebrity

Han Ji-hye (born Lee Ji-hye on June 29, 1984) is a South Korean actress.

Born Lee Ji-hye, she used the stage name "Han Ji-hye" upon learning that her real name would cause confusion among fans since an older actress, Lena Lee, also has the same Korean name.

Han Ji-hye played the protagonist in the 2012 drama May Queen, the success story of a woman in the shipbuilding industry during Korea's modernization. In 2013, she portrayed dual roles in Pots of Gold (also known as I Summon You, Gold! or Gold, Appear!), a family comedy that explores money, love and marriage. This was followed by leading roles as a cold-hearted heiress in The Full Sun, and as a wrongfully convicted prisoner turned baker in 4 Legendary Witches in 2014.

In January 2016, Han Ji-hye signed with management agency KeyEast. In 2018, she made a comeback in the family drama Shall We Live Together.