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Red Velvet Yeri | Fashion Look on Instagram on November 22, 201930-NOV-2019 Red Velvet  Yeri

Red Velvet's Yeri recently updated photo with a look of humor and a casual look on Instagram on November 22.

Yeri wore a black T-shirt from SKOOT.

Cotton 100% 2-WAY long sleeve comes with a front and back screen print and can be worn both ways! *This has been updated and summer-ized. The fabric has been changed to a more soft t-shirt material, not overly thick and breathable. Also has our signature cuff and neck trim featuring “Fragile” Last bit but not the least is the purple layering on the arm for absolutely no reason.

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_001

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_002

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_003

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_004

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_005

Red Velvet_Yeri_SKOOT_Big Wheel Black_CodiPOP_006

SKOOT -  Big Wheel Black

About the Celebrity

Kim Ye-rim (born March 5, 1999), known by the stage name Yeri, is a South Korean singer. She is a member of South Korean girl group Red Velvet.

Yeri joined SM Entertainment after auditioning at the SM Weekly Audition in 2011. In 2014, she performed as one of the upcoming members of SM Entertainment's pre-debut training group SM Rookies on SM Town Live World Tour IV. She had a brief appearance in the introduction of Red Velvet's debut song, "Happiness", before debuting as a member.

Yeri was introduced as a new member of Red Velvet on March 10, 2015, during the promotions of their first extended play Ice Cream Cake. From May 9, 2015 to November 14, 2015, Yeri hosted MBC's music program Show! Music Core, together with Minho from Shinee and N from VIXX. In July 2016, Yeri was the female lead in the music video for J-Min and Shim Eun-jee's "Way Back Home", which was released as part of the single project SM Station. In 2016, she became an MC for an SM C&C web-variety program The Viewable SM together with Leeteuk. In December 2017, the singer Ragoon released his EP `s Talking which had its title track "Story" composed and co-penned by Yeri.

In April 2018, Yeri was confirmed as part of the cast of JTBC's new variety show Secret Unnie together with Han Chae-young. On December 13, 2018, Yeri, together with NCT's Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin took part in the third season of SM Entertainment's music project, SM Station. The single's music video, the Korean version of "Hair in the Air", and the official Korean soundtrack of the television series Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, were released on YouTube. On March 14, 2019, the music video for Yeri's first self-composed solo project "Dear Diary" was released on YouTube as a part of SM Station Season 3.

(Source: Yeri's instagram)