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Kim Bo-ra | Fashion Look at 'Touch' Press Conference on January 3, 202007-JAN-2020 Kim Bo-ra

South Korean actress Kim Bo-ra attended the ‘Touch’ press conference on January 3th wearing a hot pink velvet dress from JOHNNY HATES JAZZ. Her dress features velvet fabric texture, ruffle detail at collar and hem, loose fit silhouette, neck ribbon tie detail.

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JOHNNY HATES JAZZ -  Big Collar Velvet Dress Pink Ivory

About 'Touch'

Touch” is a romantic comedy on the theme of makeup and beauty of the cable channel Channel A. Joo Sang-wook and Kim Bo-ra are the lead actors.

A popular make-up artist, known for his never-ending quest for perfection, Cha Jung Hyeok was at the top of his game. But destiny, it seemed, wouldn’t let him stay there for long. Now unemployed and drowning in debt, Jung Hyeok is desperate to find a way out of this most miserable of slumps; but he’s not the only one.

An idol trainee for the past ten years, Han Soo Yeon is desperate to finally get her big break. Deciding it’s now or never, she agrees to participate in an idol audition program, but fails to make the cut. Booted from the program, Soo Yeon finds herself wondering if this is really the path she’s meant to take in life.

Desperation and destiny come together in unexpected ways when Jung Hyeok and Soo Yeon cross paths. After finally landing a much-needed job as a make-up artist, Jung Hyeok agrees to take Soo Yeon under his wing. Noticing that his new assistant shows an incredible aptitude for the art, Jung Hyeok is happy to teach her everything he knows. As the two grow closer, they slowly learn to let go of the broken dreams of the past as they steadily walk towards a future full of bright new dreams, together.

About the Celebrity

Kim Bo-ra (born September 28, 1995) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her role in the hit drama Sky Castle.