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Chinese Celebrity Airport Fashion Styles July 14 - 20, 201809-AUG-2018

Summer is almost over, but the airport runway show is still going strong. Let’s have a look at Chinese celebrities’ airport fashion report from July 14th to 20th and find out what is our missing piece in our wardrobe.

Chinese Stars Street Style

Gina Jin Chen at Shanghai Airport on July 14

Knots made their first appearance in the Spring and Summer 2017 runways. And they soon became one of the most popular street styles that year. They are still loved by celebrities and fashion bloggers this season. Logo fashion has been one of the hottest trends in the fashion world lately, as well. Major fashion houses have all released their line of products.

July 14 - Gina Jin - Shanghai Airport-2

Chinese actress Gina Jin was caught on camera on July 14th at Shanghai airport wearing a Balenciaga logo-embroidered cotton cap and a black & white stripe knot tee, paired with a rolled up black pair of jeans. It is a great outfit if you are aiming for a more low-key but still fun look.

July 14 - Gina Jin - Shanghai Airport

Victoria Song Qian at Shanghai Airport on July 14

Despite the life-changing power of a belt, a lot of people still seem to keep their distance from it. This season using a scarf as belt became a trend and it is less about fit and more about accessorizing. The pop of color and unexpected pattern details can all easily bring your outfit to the next level.

July 14 - Victoria Song - Shanghai Airport-2

Chinese singer Victoria Song was seen at Shanghai airport on July 14th wearing a scarf belt with rolled up jeans, paired with colorful sneakers and a simple graphic tee tucked in. Her all-time favorite Burberry tote bag is spacious and great for travel.

July 14 - Victoria Song - Shanghai Airport

Liu Wen at Shanghai Highspeed Railway Station on July 17

How do supermodels dress themselves? Chinese supermodel Liu Wen was spotted at the Shanghai highspeed railway station on July 17th with an almost all-black low-key outfit and a pop of pink.

July 17 - Liu Wen - Shanghai High Speed Railway Station-2

Liu Wen matched a simple black tee with a cropped pair of black jeans, paired with a pair of pink flat mules for a pop of color. Her choice of bag is a black Givenchy shoulder bag which added a bit of glamour to her casual looking outfit.

July 17 - Liu Wen - Shanghai High Speed Railway Station

Sui He at Beijing Airport on July 19

On the other hand, supermodel Sui He went with a more romantic and light approach with her outfit on July 19th in Beijing airport.

July 19 - Sui He - Beijing Airport-2

Sui He paired a simple graphic tee with an asymmetrical layered denim skirt. She also chose Loewe a leather shoulder bag as an accessory to complete her outfit. Her whole look is cute and fun.

July 19 - Sui He - Beijing Airport

Li Qin at Beijing Airport on July 20

If you are going for a fun and playful looking outfit, definitely choose a uniquely designed bag to compliment your whole look.

July 20 - Li Qin - Beijing Airport-2

Chinese actress Li Qin was seen on July 20th at Beijing airport with a playful street look. She was wearing a pair of rainbow stripe oversized shorts with a simple black tee, paired with a fun Prada crossbody bag.

July 20 - Li Qin - Beijing Airport 

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