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Step Up Your Style Game with Trendy Accessories Inspired by Korean Celebrities10-AUG-2018

Ever since the K-Drama and K-Pop wave began around 7 years ago, all of us have been constantly enamored by the edgy and unique fashion taste of Korean celebrities. If you are a huge fan of the Korean pop culture in general, we are pretty sure that you have googled some of your favorite star’s style pieces – maybe even ended up buying the same one for yourself!

In this article, we are going to share style snippets from your favorite Korean celebrities, which we also aligned with this year’s hottest fashion trends. Get ready to amplify your way of accessorizing – the Korean celebrity way!

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Dare to be Different with Hyunah’s Bold Necklaces

Bold, statement necklaces have been around for quite a while now but we are not going to talk about huge metal plates and chunky beads this time. For this year, bold necklaces are in form of embellished chokers and layered pieces. Bold necklaces are usually worn with semi-formal to formal attire, but you are going to love how Hyuna flaunted hers in her sexy casual outfits!

Hyunah - Bold Necklaces-3

Layered necklaces can be your LBD’s (Little Black Dress) best friend. It’s a great option if you’d like to break the monotony of the plainness of your attire. We can totally get inspiration from Hyuna on this one! See how her layered bold necklace gorgeously worked with her micro mini black dress?

Hyunah - Bold Necklaces

Bold necklaces, just like these metal chokers Hyuna wore, can also make simple tank tops a lot more unique and stylish.

Hyunah - Bold Necklaces-4

Style yourself like a Supermodel with Irene Kim’s Hats

It’s summer season and it’s the perfect time to justify all your fancy hat purchases! There are a ton of different styles to choose from but let’s narrow it down to a few. We came across Korean supermodel, Irene Kim’s, Instagram account and here’s how she donned her summer hats in style!

Irene Kim - Hats-3

Printed bucket hats and floppy hats make a perfect match to your favorite swimsuit. All you have to do is mix and match.

Irene Kim - Hats

We’re also super inspired with Irene’s supermodel-worthy coordinate flaunting a crop top with puffy sleeves, vibrant straight-cut pants, and transparent PVC hat!

Irene Kim - Hats-4

Create a Stunning Fashion Statement with Sulhyeon’s Earrings

Dangling and statement earrings are this season’s accessory must-have for fashion lovers. If you have been watching Korean shows lately, you’ll come across celebrities displaying their fancy-looking earrings. We personally love how AOA’s Seolhyeon styled hers!

Sulhyeon - Earrings-2

If you love simple and dainty pieces, you’ll love minimalist dangling earrings. You can opt for slim metal strips or crystal-encrusted dangles – just like how Seolhyun rocked it!

Sulhyeon - Earrings-3

Ready for your Friday girls’ night out? Statement earrings would go perfectly with your high ponytail and favorite party dress.

Sulhyeon - Earrings-4

Get Effortlessly Classy with Sunmi’s Signature Mini Bags

When it comes to chic, femme-fatale fashion, Sunmi truly does it best. While we usually see Sunmi in her glamorous stage-ready outfits, we can also take inspiration from her basic fashion go-to items. Let’s take a look at how she accessorized her outfits with her mini bags!

Sunmi - Mini Bags-2

Who says animal prints are outdated? Well, Sunmi shows otherwise! Check out how she amplified her classic leopard print dress with a very hip studded black fanny bag. Now that’s a quick way to balance out a heavily-painted attire.

Sunmi - Mini Bags-3

Your favorite signature mini bag can be a perfect way to stylize your basic summer dress. Mini bags and clutches aren’t solely limited to formalwear after all.

Sunmi - Mini Bags

A plain white T-shirt has never been this classy! Paired with basic skinny jeans, Sunmi’s mix of basics hopped on to a whole new level with her mini scarlet Gucci bag.

Sunmi - Mini Bags-4

You don’t have to be all glitz and glamour if you want to dress up like a Korean celebrity. All you need is to step up your accessorizing game!

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