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7 Biggest Bag Trends For Fall 201831-AUG-2018

Fall is right around the corner and it is time to give your wardrobe a complete makeover; stack it up with stuff that says “Fall”. Get ready to welcome the breezy season with some brand new styles, not just in outfits but also in bags.
This time bags are going through some major silhouette shifts and you might want to keep up with them. Unlike several seasons in the past, where bags trends have pretty much remained the same, Fall 2018 has a lot in store.

Here are the 7 biggest bag trends of Fall/Winter 2018.


Chain strapped sophistication

Bags with Chain Straps

There’s nothing classier than boxy bag silhouettes with chain straps. Square or rectangle shaped bags are what usually steal the show. You can choose a minimalistic and simple square chain-strapped bag or amp it up with tassels or beads. High fashion brands like Stella McCartney, Hermes and Fendi are already showing us how it’s done.

Bag Trend FW18 - Bags with Chain Straps

Logo show

Bags with Logos

Needless to say, brand logos are definitely a boost to our self-esteem. If you’re wearing a designer brand, you might as well show it off, right? Brands like Fendi and Burberry already have their signature prints to show off. Now more brands like Balenciaga have joined the bandwagon with plain satchel bags and briefcase style bags that have their logo in black and white (well, not literally).

Bag Trend FW18 - Bags with Logos

Belt ‘em up

Belt Bags

Did you ever think that you’d be wearing a bag as a belt? Well, Fall 2018 sure has some twists this time. It’s not quite a fanny pack but it’s still worn on the waist. And you’d think such a style would only suit street style, but brands like Versace and Lanvin are proving it wrong. They’re on the smaller size and they come in all shapes. Talk about versatility.

Bag Trend FW18 - Belt Bags

Boxy beauties

Box Bags

Back in the 90s, there happened to be a boxy bag trend and it seems like it has taken front stage yet again this season. From embroidered to velvet to embellished, boxy bags are all about high fashion. You can carry them with equally loud outfits or keep it contrasting with simple ones. Oscar de la Renta and Dolce and Gabbana are the leaders in this stream of fashion.

Bag Trend FW18 - Box Bags

Micro bags

Micro Bags

There was a time where everything in large size was in fashion, including tote bags and satchels. This time it’s the era of micro bags where you get to hold bags that are super small in size. They do come in all kinds of shapes and adornments, and they can be worn with just about anything. Alexander Wang, Prada and Marc Jacobs are some of the trendsetters.

Bag Trend FW18 - Micro Bags


Oversized Bags

Well, what do you know, oversized still rules! It’s not surprising because they do stand to be a class apart when it comes to bag styles. Tote bags and handbags mostly fall under the oversized category and as we all know, they can be styled with both casuals and formals. Look up to Saint Laurent and Gucci for inspiration.

Bag Trend FW18 - Oversized Bags

Round is still the new square

Round Bags

If the square is in, why not round. Choose to go extra with tassels and embroidery or keep it simple with just a logo and a chain strap. Chanel was one of the pioneers of the round bag trend. Now we have Gucci, Balmain and many others following the trend.

Bag Trend FW18 - Round Bags

So which ones are your favorite?

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