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5 Cardigan Outfit Ideas to Avoid the Cold Autumn Breeze03-OCT-2018

Fall can get a little chilly sometimes, and that’s why you might want to have something to cover you up while you’re all glammed up and in style. And what better way to do it than a cardigan that perfectly matches and compliments your outfit, right?

Here are 5 fall cardigan outfit ideas, perfect for your chilly day trip or night out to avoid the cold autumn breeze!

Fall Cardigan Outfit Ideas

Cardigan Outfit #1: Casual

If you’re going for a casual look, then this outfit is perfect for you! Nothing says casual better than a pair of light or acid-washed denim pants and a graphic t-shirt. Pair it up with a black printed cap and canvas sneakers and there’s your casual stroll outfit right there. Don’t forget to bring your yellow knitted cardigan with you, in case you get chilly on your walk.

Fall Cardigan Outfit-1

Cardigan Outfit #2: Polo

Semi-casual may be your work’s official attire, but that’s no reason to not be in fashion! Spice up your fall workday with a pair of bootcut denim pants, blue striped long-sleeved polo, and white flats. Accessorize with a matching white bag and tan watch, for a more formal look. The perfect cover-up for this outfit? A long gray wool cardigan that protects you from the cold while still looking stylish.

Fall Cardigan Outfit-2

Cardigan Outfit #3: Denim

Maybe you want to remain casual and still chic-- if that’s the case, we have just the outfit! For this style, you’re working with a lot of black pieces: black bonnet, black t-shirt, and black high-tops for your feet. Add in a denim skirt, white designer bag, and a matching black and white short cardigan.

Fall Cardigan Outfit-3

Cardigan Outfit #4: Romantic

Fall is one romantic season, so you might want to take advantage of that with this outfit! For your overall color palette, choose something earthy like green or brown. Pick your favorite floral-patterned dress, then add in some matching pieces like a pair of brown suede low heels, brown leather bucket bag, and of course, a long wooly cardigan to combat the chilly weather.

Fall Cardigan Outfit-4

Cardigan Outfit #5: Old-school

Old-school can be cool, especially if you know how to mix and match different pieces! A graphic shirt, gray pleated skirt-- you know, like the kind akin to what schoolgirls in the last century used to wear-- and a pair of leather shoes perfectly sums up your outfit. Lastly, add in a scoop-neck cardigan to finish your look!

Fall Cardigan Outfit-5

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