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6 Amazing Color Combos That'll Make You Look 5 Years Younger22-OCT-2018

No matter how fashion trends change, one thing is for sure is that no one wants to wear something that ages them. We all strive for a younger appearance, whether subconsciously or not. Choosing the right color combo for your outfit is one of the most effective ways of achieving that youthful glow everybody is chasing for. To make your life easier, we have listed some top color combos to make you look 5 years younger this season!

Color Combos to Look 5 Years Younger

Color Combo #1: Blue + White

Blue and white combo can easily bring out the glow in every skin tone. For those of you who have lighter skin, find the perfect shade of blue by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they look bluer or greener, then find a shade of blue that leans towards that color. If you have a medium-to-dark skin tone, just about any mid-tone blue will look great.

Blue  White - Amber Heard

With an asymmetrical blue and white floral dress, American actress Amber Heard looked refreshing and youthful. You can simply choose a similar one without the dramatic asymmetric effect and you got yourself a perfect day-to-day outfit.

Blue  White - Kristen Stewart

If you are looking for a chic fall suit that will make you look instantly younger, American actress Kristen Stewart is surely your muse.

Blue  White - Ni Ni

On top of the blue and white color combo, Chinese actress Ni Ni also added an oversized casual element to her travel outfit. Baseball cap, oversized long sleeve tee and a pair of dad shorts brought back youthful school memories.

Get your own Blue + White look:

Blue  White Look

Color Combo #2: Brown instead of black

Black is popular because it’s so versatile, but its starkness can make you seem older. For your new wardrobe collections this season, choose brown instead of black, which will make you seem younger and more approachable.

Brown - Cha Jungwon

Korean actress Cha Jung-won paired her brown suit with a simple white tee, looking timeless, chic and classy.

Brown - Caroline Daur

Brown is compatible with all shades of yellow from pale to dark. It has a natural soothing tone and can provide a harmonic balance to your look. Germany-based fashion blogger Caroline Daur paired her dark brown shirt with a pair of mustard yellow suit pants. Her look was chic and elegant.

Brown - Emilia Clarke

If you are in love with pink but afraid of looking too childish, brown is your perfect color combo. English actress Emilia Clarke paired her pink pants with a brown coat, looking girlie and youthful.

Get your own Brown look:

Brown Look

Color Combo #3: Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is one of the most worn street styles out there and loved and adored by many fashion influencers like Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo. Not only are they versatile and easy to style, but they are also a sure way to make you look younger.

Denim on Denim - Gigi Hadid

American model Gigi Hadid broke up her double denim with a white tee and created a refreshing classy look.

Denim on Denim - Ming Xi

An oversized denim jacket, a pair of denim shorts with a ripped effect and black ankle boots make for a guaranteed age reducing street look. Chinese model Ming Xi rocked her sexy and stylish denim on denim look in Beijing airport.

Denim on Denim - Tan Songyun

Also, with a denim jacket and shorts combo, Chinese actress Tan Songyun with her cropped top white tee and black sneakers sent out a sweet next-door girl vibe.

Get your own Denim on Denim look:

Denim on Denim Look

Color Combo #4: Pastel

If you are looking for effortless younger looks, you need to add pastel to your wardrobe. Soft hues are classic and timeless for fashion statements.

Pastel - Blanca Blanco

American actress Blanca Blanco wore a vintage styled pastel pink dress. It is the perfect color for a sunny day out.

Pastel - Irene Kim

Korean model and social media star Irene Kim paired her oversized pastel pink blazer with an asymmetrical pastel yellow skirt for an edgy look.

Pastel - Tan Songyun

Pink plays surprisingly nicely with pastel blue. Also, pink and blue are traditional baby colors. Chinese actress Tan Songyun styled herself with pastel pink and blue combo, looking refreshing and sweet.

Get your own Pastel look:

Pastel Look

Color Combo #5: Red and pink

Red and pink are analogous colors and can be paired together to create some surprisingly chic and youthful looks.

Pink  Red - Alexa Chung

Famous fashion blogger Alexa Chung looked fabulous with her dark velvet red pants paired with a vibrant pink shirt.

Pink  Red - Han Yeseul

Korean actress Han Ye-seul styled her pink dress with a rose red coat, looking exotic and sweet like a fairy from the magic forest.

Pink  Red - Wang Ziwen

For a more daring look try an asymmetrical bright red skirt with a pink top like Chinese actress Wang Ziwen did on her trip.

Get your own Red + Pink look:

Pink  Red Look

Color Combo #6: All red

If you want to go all out and create an out there vibrant and youthful fashion statement, try red. Not just splashes of colors here and there – this is about all over, entirely matching, head to toe red.

Red - Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian model and actress Alessandra Ambrosio looked exotic and sexy with her ruffled-neckline red dress looking young and flirty.

Red - Bella Hadid

American actress Bella Hadid created a chic sporty all red look. It is time to inject some much-needed color into your fall/winter wardrobe.

Red - Ki Eunse

A red bag is your easy entry-point to the trend. Korean star Ki Eun-se styled her all red look with a black and red patterned jumper and a wide pants sending out a vintage vibe.

Get your own Red look:

All Red Look

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