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Look Gorgeous on Valentine’s Day with these Beauty Tips!11-FEB-2019

Love is in the air! As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, many of you may have already started planning your dates. You may have even watched countless Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials on YouTube to prep you up on this special day. Well, we sort of saw that coming so we came up with super useful beauty tips that would make your Valentine’s Day look even more gorgeous.

Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous on Valentines Day

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#1 Curl your hair and wear hair accessories

Straight hair is nice, but don’t we all want to add a bit of romance to our V-day hairdo? Make sure you have some time to spare and add volume to your hair by giving it some nice waves. Use a 1” to 1.5” inch curling iron to create bigger waves, especially if you have long hair.

Valentines Day Hairstyle - Suzy

If you’re not fond of having your hair down, you can opt for a neat low ponytail, too. 

Valentines Day Hairstyle - Blackpink Lisa

For a sweeter, more romantic look, add some hair accessories or toss on a nice vintage hat.

Valentines Day Hairstyle - Blackpink Jisoo

Valentines Day Hairstyle - Irene Kim

#2 Wear a long-lasting lip color

A nice cup of coffee, a fancy dinner or a sweet kiss can totally mess your lipstick up if you’re not too careful! Avoid the hassle and just make sure you invest in a lip color that stays intact the whole day. As a part of lip care, make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips to ensure that your lip color would perfectly adhere. For your lip makeup, opt for long-lasting lip tints like Clio Veil Tint Dewy rather than lip glosses or moisture lipsticks.

Clio Veil Tint Dewy

#3 Avoid wearing heavy makeup

The heavier your makeup is, the more prone it is to fading. Keep your look minimal by going for light pink blushers on the cheekbones for a soft, sweet flush. This is also an effective way to brighten up your complexion and give the illusion of a slightly smaller face. Try Canmake’s Glow Fleur Cheeks in #04 Strawberry for a more radiantly rosy effect.

Canmake - Glow Fleur Cheeks

#4 Don’t overdo the amount of perfume you wear

Of course, you’d love to smell good on V-Day. However, be careful not to overdo it by putting on too much perfume, otherwise, it can be quite ‘suffocating’ to your date! Skip musky notes but instead, go for soft florals and natural scents like Etude House’s Wear Your Moment body mist. Just spray the perfume on your comb and gently brush it to your hair for a subtle and long-lasting scent.

Etude House - Wear Your Moment Body Mist

#5 Go for a long-lasting foundation

You wouldn’t want your face to cake before your date ends so make sure you go for long-lasting foundations. To keep it intact, moisturize your skin prior to applying foundation. According to Japanese makeup artist Osamu Dobashi, high body temperature might make it difficult to apply foundation. In line with this, you may use a wet towel to cover your neck for a while to help drop the temperature of the face. Use a long-lasting foundation and for it to adhere closely, use a makeup sponge for a more natural look. If you have oily skin, go for a setting powder such as Mamonde Cotton Veil Powder

Mamonde Cotton Veil Powder

However, if you have dry skin, skip powders and just go for a setting spray. We recommend something moisturizing like Hera Make Up Fixer.

Hera - Make Up Fixer

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