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Short-Strap Bag - The One Your Mom Used to Love - is Back in Style01-MAR-2019

It is true that you never know when the fashion tide is going to make a turn and catch you by surprise. Whether you like it or not, this season’s bag trend is all about being close to your body and keeping your cross-body bag snugly under your arm. Remind you of something? Exactly! My mom loves wearing her bag closely to her body and guard it with her arm all wrapped around it. This fashion trend from the oh-so-iconic nineties period may not sound right in your mind at first, well just like most of the fashion trends nowadays. Today we will show you how our celebrities and trendsetters have brought this 90’s short-strap bag trend back to life. Believe me, after today you will be screaming “HELL YES" and running to get your own ‘mom bag’!

When it comes to fashion, follow Queen B and you can do no wrong! Supermodel and fashion influencer Bella Hadid loves to style her short-strapped mini bags with different styled outfits and they all look extremely chic and fashion forward!

Short Strap Bag SS19 - Bella Hadid-2

Short Strap Bag SS19 - Bella Hadid

Young and hip? No problem, all you need is a small black short-strapped mini bag, a sporty outfit with a cool blazer. Supermodel Kaia Gerber certainly enjoyed her hands-free 'girl boss' look!

Short Strap Bag SS19 - Kaia Gerber

Kendall Jenner also loves her short-strapped bags for all kinds of occasions. This new functional and fashionable staple is empowering in a refined and versatile way.

Short Strap Bag SS19 - Kendall Jenner-2

Short Strap Bag SS19 - Kendall Jenner

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are still not entirely sure of this trend, let’s have a look at our favorite celebrities’ picks.

Short-strap Bag Trend Spring Summer 2019

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Dior Saddle Bag

This classic handbag was originally designed by John Galliano and debuted in Dior’s SS00 collection. Over the past few years, this vintage design has been active among fashion insiders. Now with Dior’s reissue of this classic bag, celebrities and fashion bloggers are all over it and your Instagram feed can certainly prove it.

American actress Blake Lively holding a green mini saddle bag with her chic outfit.

Dior Sadle Bag - Blake Lively

Korea-based Chinese singer Kyulkyung chose to style her bright yellow bomber jacket with a black saddle bag. This size and color are the most versatile and functional for daily uses. It is great for both work occasions and casual days out.

Dior Sadle Bag - Kyulkyung

Chinese actress Li Qin completing her casual look with a small white saddle bag.

Dior Sadle Bag - Li Qin

Editor's Picks

Dior Saddle Bag - Black

Dior Saddle Bag - Red

Fendi Baguette Bag

Thanks to Fendi, this firmly buried iconic accessory has been given a new life. Embraced by celebrities across the world, this 90’s throwback style made a glamorous comeback into the SS19 fashion scene.

Germany-based blogger/model Caroline Daur’s minty green baguette bag balanced her edgy red&black look and brought sophistication into her ensemble.

Fendi Baguette Bag - Caroline Daur

Korean actress Lee Sung-kyung pulled off an head-to-toe white outfit with a white baguette bag making a serious impact.

Fendi Baguette Bag - Lee Sung-kyung

American actress Sarah Jessica Park making an entrance with a bohemian styled baguette bag and a sexy slip-on dress.

Fendi Baguette Bag - Sarah Jessica Parker

Editor's Picks

Fendi Baguette Bag - Pale Blue

Fendi Baguette Bag - Pink

Prada Sidonie Shoulder Bag

Celebrities love this new fashion accessory. Prada Sidonie shoulder bag has the perfect medium size to fit all your essentials and the sleek design can handle all of your fashion needs.

Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni rocking an edgy street look with her Sidonie bag.

Prada Sidonie Shoulder Bag - Chiara Ferragni

Supermodel Gigi Hadid looks young and cool with her black & white Sidonie bag.

Prada Sidonie Shoulder Bag - Gigi Hadid

Korean singer Yoona completed her stylish and classic look with her black Sidonie bag and an oversized blazer.

Prada Sidonie Shoulder Bag - Yoona

Editor's Picks

Prada Sidonie Bag - Black

Prada Sidonie Bag - White

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