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How to Style Neon - Spring 2019 Standout Fashion Trends03-APR-2019

It’s one thing to try and follow all the latest fashion trends of the season. But it’s a whole other thing to try and mimic everything you see on the runway or the red carpet.

For instance, if you see Katy Perry sporting a neon pink hair color with let’s say neon blue highlights, you can’t just go to your hairdresser and do the same. For one, your dresser may not necessarily have the same colors. And secondly, more importantly, you may realize, after all, it doesn’t look as good on you as it does on the “California Girl”.

The bottom line is, when you do follow your favorite celebrities, you’ve got to make sure that you do it right. You sure as hell can get that neon hair, but you’ll probably need to tweak it a little bit to fit your style.

Considering that neons are the most trending in colors this season, here is your guide on how to style neon.


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Under the layers

One of the safest ways to wear neon is to wear it underneath any piece of clothing; basically as an underlayer. That way, the color is visible enough for people to take notice, but is still not too loud and in-your-face. You can wear it under an inner T-shirt underneath a frilled frock for a super cute look. 

Stylenanda Slit Sleeve Ribbed Top

From Stylenanda

You could also wear a neon shirt underneath a darker colored sweater with pants for a nerdy formal look.

Stylenanda High-Neck Sheer Mesh Top

From Stylenanda

Topping it

Wearing a neon top may seem like the scariest thing to do. But not if you wear it the right way. One good way to try out the idea is to start with neutral colors for the bottom. That is, if you’re wearing a neon crop top, you could pair it with a pair of black high waist pants. 

Kongstyle Knotted Colored Belly Top

From Kongstyle

If you’re going for something easier and laid back like a neon sweatshirt, then you could balance it out with a white inner shirt and white pants too.

Niponjjuya Regular-Fit Sweatshirt in 4 Colors

From Niponjjuya


What could be scarier than a neon top? Well, a neon trench coat. It is a full-size piece and it goes above all the layers you’re already wearing. So yes, it’s the first thing people are going to see from a distance. One thing you must always remember when you wear neon outerwear is to make sure that at least a little bit of the other colors inside are seen through. For example, if you’re wearing an oversized orange trench coat, make sure it has a slit in front through which your dark blue pants can be seen. 

Dabagirl Double-Breasted Vivid Wrap Coat

From Dabagirl

If it’s a jacket you’re wearing, leave it a little open so your inner blouse can be seen. All the better if your blouse is white or black.

Stylenanda Extended Sleeve Single Tone Cropped Cardigan

From Stylenanda

Biker shorts

Biker shorts or cycle shorts classify as active wear. And we all know, sports is one area where neon is A-okay. Especially when it comes to cycle shorts, the proportion of neon in your outfit is on quite a safe level. So it’s easy for you to balance it off with an oversized T-shirt, preferably in a neutral color. It seems to be Bella Hadid’s favorite ensemble for when she steps out. So this is probably one trend that you could copy straight off the TV.

Stylenanda Banded Waist Single Tone Legging Shorts

From Stylenanda


Accessorizing with neon colors is the most fun way to play with neon. It is also quite easier than wearing it in an outfit. You will only be a statement maker if you wear a neon green bag with a pair of black shorts and a black jacket. 

Versus Green Mini Buckle Bag

From Versus

You could even try your hand with formal outfits. Sporty sneakers with neon green accents would look perfect with a black pantsuit. 

DOLCE GABBANA Logo-embellished metallic-trimmed leather sneakers

From Dolce & Gabbana

Or imagine neon socks with white sneakers for your daily jog. Couldn’t have put it better right?

Stylenanda Single Tone Ribbed Socks

From Stylenanda

Are you ready to try your hand with the color yet? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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