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The Hippest Makeup Trends You Should Check Out this 201909-APR-2019

Every year, we are greeted with a ton of new beauty trends that we see online and on magazine covers. For 2019, the beauty world has so much in store for us but to narrow things down to the best choices, we prepared the top 5 hippest makeup trends that’s worth checking out!

2019 makeup trends

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#1 Flawless Matte Base

For the past few years, we have all obsessed with the dewy (almost glossy) makeup base. For this year, the flawless matte base is making a comeback and brands have been jumping onto this bandwagon with their latest matte base collections. 

2019 makeup trends - Pony

Pic: Pony

Well, going for a matte face makeup doesn’t have to be drying! Go for a foundation that offers a flawless matte finish but is also able to retain moisture in the skin. Check out The Face Shop’s Ink Lasting Foundation to create your flawless base!

The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit

#2 Clean Eye Makeup

Soft pinkish and peachy hues are creating huge waves in the K-Beauty scene these days. The key to this makeup trend is to go for a very subtle shade that’s almost close to your natural skin tone. It can work by using just one shade or you can experiment with a bit of shimmer.

2019 makeup trends - Pony-2

Pic: Pony

2019 makeup trends - Jessica Jung

Pic: Jessica Jung

A spring palette like 3CE’s Mood For Blossom Multi Palette in Beach Muse should work perfectly to create this look.

3CE Multi Eye Color Palette Mood For Blossom Edition Beach Muse

#3 Soft Brown Eyebrows

The trend of having natural, soft brows have been around in the Asian beauty scene for quite a while now and true enough, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! 

2019 makeup trends - Lee Sung-kyung

Pic: Lee Sung-kyung

2019 makeup trends - Jessica Jung-2

Pic: Jessica Jung

To achieve this look, use a powder type brow product like Innisfree's Two Tone Eyebrow Kit for it gives a softer color payoff compared to gels and pencils. The key is to give it a bit of color and depth for a more youthful look.

Innisfree Two Tone Eyebrow Kit

#4 Wing your Eyes with Eyeshadow

Give your black and brown eyeliners a rest for now because eyeshadow liners are in this year! 

2019 makeup trends - Blackpink Rose


2019 makeup trends - Pony-3

Pic: Pony

Simply go for eyeshadow in deeper colors like auburn, burgundy or khaki to make the wing more apparent. Espoir's Matte Eyeshadow in Modest is a great choice for this.

Espoir Eyeshadow Exclusive Matte

It’s ideal to use a shimmery or metallic eyeshadow for richer pigment. Another tip is to wet your eyeliner brush for a bolder metallic finish!

#5 Red Lips

The 5th makeup trend that will conquer the beauty scene this year would be the iconic red lips. Well, it’s been a makeup staple for ages but this year should be about glossy red lips. 

2019 makeup trends - Taeyeon

Pic: Taeyeon

Find the best red shade that suits your complexion and go for a lip stain that has some sheen to it. Try Espoir’s Lip Up to achieve this look!

Espoir Lip Up

So which of these makeup trends are you going to try in 2019? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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