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Common Graduation Day Makeup Mistakes08-MAY-2019

Graduation season is here! 

As students wrap their colorful school lives, most of them would surely want to mark their graduation day extra special. 

One of the first things that come to mind is to look perfect on the day of the ceremony. 

However, out of excitement, many end up committing makeup mistakes on that special day and we’re here to point some of them out so you can avoid them yourself.

Common Graduation Day Makeup Mistakes

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#1 Applying too much foundation and settling for the wrong shade

In hopes of looking flawless for the graduation pictures, some think that layering loads of full coverage foundation is the way to go. On the contrary, too much foundation only makes it cakey. In addition to this, the wrong shade of foundation will only make you look older than your peers. To resolve this, go for a lightweight foundation with natural coverage such as the Ink Lasting Foundation from The Face Shop.

The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation

#2 Overly dramatic eye makeup

Dreaming of that gala-ready smokey eyes or that daring cut crease? Pause for a moment and just ditch the idea! A very dramatic eye makeup can be overwhelming for a solemn occasion such as graduation. Just keep it natural by using neutral-toned eyeshadows to flatter your skin tone. We love Etude House's Play Color Eyes Palette in Caffeine Holic for its reddish-brown shades.

Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette Caffeine Holic

For your eyeliner, use a brown one and avoid winging it out too much. Instead, just slightly extend it following the shape of your eyes to make it rounder and bigger.

#3 Over-the-top blush

Blushers are essential to bringing out the youthfulness and radiance in your look. Use light peach blushers that closely resembles your natural flush. For a more radiant sheen and youthful glow, try a blusher that has a liquid or cushion-type formula. Our K-Beauty favorite for such glow-from-within look is 3CE’s Blush Cushion in Peach.

3CE Blush Cushion Peach

#4 Applying an unflatteringly bright lip color

The makeup concept of a graduation look should be all about keeping you youthful and natural. As for lip colors, avoid bold and electric colors like red or hot pink as these shades can make you look more mature. Wear youthful shades like rosy pink or peachy coral. Try Innisfree's Vivid Shine Tint in #2 for its glossy finish and longevity.

Innisfree Vivid Shine Tint

#5 Wearing unnatural colored contact lenses

Wearing colored contact lenses that don’t really go with your natural eye color can make you look awkward and strange in photos. You can just leave this one out – but if you really need it due to your eyesight, just pick a color-enhancing color that’s similar to your natural eye color.

So what makeup look are you going to wear on your graduation day? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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