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Hair Trend Report: K-Style Long Hair and Straight Bangs07-JUN-2019

The K-Pop scene has always been all about drastic hairdos and fancy dyes. In recent months, we did notice a particular hair trend that’s been conquering K-Pop’s most stylish ladies. This hairstyle features no frills and no bluff – just long hair and blunt cut straight bangs!

Hair Trend Report K-Style Long Hair and Straight Bangs

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We can see Bomi work with this trending hairstyle in two ways. The first one flaunts a very ‘K-Pop’ vibe with its vibrant pastel blue balayage. The base remains jet black which perfectly brought out Bomi’s beautiful facial frames and a fair complexion.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Apink Bomi-2

Her other version of this hair trend is more simple and monochromatic with its plain black dye. The bangs are slightly curled just to add volume.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Apink Bomi-1


We can also see Jennie rock her long straight locks with the help of clip-on hair extensions. The variation in length is quite visible but it flows seamlessly to the extensions as it creates additional volume to the whole look.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Blackpink Jennie-1

We also love how her vintage headband pulled the look altogether and made her bangs stand out even more!

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Blackpink Jennie-2


The long hair and straight bangs hairstyle is not just a gorgeous down-do. It can be sported as an updo too by going for a sleek high ponytail just like how Lisa did it. This style will help draw more emphasis to the face while also creating depth to your hair.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Blackpink Lisa-1

While straight tresses are in, a bit of soft waves won’t hurt! Lisa showed us a very romantic version of this hair trend as she dons soft waves to the body of her hair for a slight lift in volume.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Blackpink Lisa-2


Another hair inspiration to take note of is this Seulgi’s version of this hair trend – just simple and straightforward with dark brown dye. Her look is reminiscent of the famous Japanese haircuts in the early 2000s wherein the ends are softly layered. The bangs are chopped bluntly and go slightly above the brows for a more edgy and playful kind of look.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Red Velvet Seulgi-1

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Red Velvet Seulgi-2


Momo also went for the classic version of this hair trend by keeping her dark dye and simple styling. For this first look, she kept it at a minimum by not adding any accessory and only let the hair do its thing.

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Twice Momo-2

In another look, we can spot her sporting a more playful hairstyle by going for half-up pigtails. The beauty of this hair trend is that it’s quite versatile. You can keep chic and classic or have fun with it by donning diverse styles and dyes!

Korean Hair Style 2019 - Twice Momo-1

So what do you think about this Korean hair trend? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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