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Asian Celebrities Wearing the Same Outfits: Who Wore It Better? - July 201923-JUL-2019

Yes, yes, it is finally the time! Keep calm and judge our favorite celebrities’ looks. All the fashionistas out there, bring out your favorite snacks and get ready because we have some seriously hard choices to make today! Let us know who’s look do you prefer and how would you style the item differently.

Celebrities wearing the same outfits

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Han Hye-jin vs Jessica Jung

Han Hye-jin Vs Jessica Jung

When boyish elegance meets romantic femininity, the result is amazingly astonishing.

Korean singer Jessica Jung and fashion model/ TV personality Han Hye-jin both wore Chloe’s puff sleeve sweater with floral print belted scarf detail silk shorts. The sweater features a straight silhouette with puffed sleeves. The ancient Greek ceramics inspired pattern is infused with a Mediterranean summer vibe.

Jessica Jung styled her look with a pair of heeled ankle boots while Han Hye-jin chose a pair of chic mules in heels.

While I do enjoy both looks, Jessica’s look took that boyish charm to the next level, so point goes to Jessica.

Lee Yu-bi vs Yeji (ITZY)

ITZY Yeji Vs Lee Yu-bi

Korean actress Lee Yu-bi and singer Yeji from ITZY both spotted wearing arrow print cropped shirt from OFF WHITE.

Lee Yu-bi paired it with a black high waist midi skirt and a pair of chic heeled sandals, her look is stylish with an elegant feminine touch.

Yeji styled the shirt with a pair of mid-waist loose jeans and comfy sneakers. Her look is young and casual with pop culture reference.

My vote goes to Yeji’s refreshing athleisure look, who would you vote for?

Crystal Zhang Tianai vs IU

IU vs Crystal Zhang Tianai

Both Chinese actress Crystal Zhang Tianai and Korean singer and songwriter IU favored Prada’s bow detail V-neck dress. This black dress is elegant and infused with bold tough-luxe femininity, a sleeveless design and a chic satin crepe bow fastening at the shoulder.

Crystal styled her dress with a pair of chic heeled sandals; her look is confident and elegant.

IU styled her dress a pair of glossy pumps. Compared to Crystal, her look feels a bit overwhelming.

Crystal won this round.

Ouyang Nana vs Jolin Tsai

Jolin Cai Vs NaNa Ouyang

Taiwanese musician and actress Ouyang Nana and singer Jolin Tsai both look amazing in this red off the shoulder gown from Oscar De La Renta.

While they both styled this scarlet red dress with a sleek hairstyle and a dominating attitude, Jolin no doubt has a better interpretation of the dress because of the fashion diva aura she radiates.  

Eunbi (IZ*ONE) vs Taeyeon

Taeyeon Vs Izone Eunbi

Both Korean singer Taeyeon and Eunbi (IZ*ONE) were spotted wearing a vintage-inspired denim overall from INSTAFUNK and they both chose white tops to complete their off-duty casual look.

Taeyeon styled the denim overall with a white tank top, casual sandals and a backpack while Eunbi completed her look with a white tee, mini see-through bag and a pair of summery straw platform sandals.

Both of their off-duty looks are modern and chic with a touch of boyish charm, I have to call it a tie. How would you style this denim overall?

Park So-dam vs Yura

Yura Vs Park So-dam

Structured shoulder, tailored silhouette, and a big gold belt buckle are all the reasons celebrities love this statement-making black jumpsuit from FAYEWOO.

Both Korean singer Yura and actress Park So-dam was spotted wearing this modern and chic jumpsuit when attending events.

Yura’s look is feminine and elegant while Park So-dam had pushed the look even further by letting bold-colored earrings shine in the dark-toned background. And that gained her an extra point.


So who do you think wore the outfits better? DO share your thoughts in comments.

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