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K-stars Prove that Pink Hair Looks Good on Anyone15-AUG-2019

Pastel tones are getting all the rave this season. None of us is a stranger to how easy we can incorporate this color in terms of fashion and beauty nowadays. Without any surprise, pink hair is the new daring trend of 2019.

Whether it’s in clothes, beauty or hairstyle, the philosophy that we should be following now is “The bolder, the better.” What used to be “too loud” or “too crazy” in color is now 2019’s must-have hair color.

Bubblegum hair is quite hard to pull off if you ask us. But Korean celebrities have been known to rock almost any trend and style flawlessly without looking too out of this world. Regardless of their hair length and hairstyle, these K-celebs are loving this pink hair trend and are definitely looking good.

k-stars in pink hair

Nakyung (Fromis_9)

Pink hair - Fromis9 Nakyung

Fromis_9’s Nakyung looks divine in her bright pastel pink short hair. It brings out her gentle and angelic facial features. We’ve seen her boldly flaunt the half and half hair color before (Gray on her right side and pink-red on the left side of her hair) and still look utterly dashing, but this is by far the best color she’s dyed her hair. Pink for the win!

Han Ye-seul

Pink hair - Han Ye-seul

Actress Han Ye-seul’s dusty rose pink hair is your go-to if you want something that’s a little muted and sophisticated in hue. It’s a classy shade of pink that seems to be the easiest to pull off if you’re not into the bright unicorn shades. If you’re a fan of rose gold, this is the perfect hair color for you.

Ryujin (ITZY)

Pink hair - ITZY Ryujin

The glittery tinsel embellishment in Shin Ryu-jin’s pink hair adds a touch of personality in her star-studded image. This singer/rapper looks undeniably stunning in this hair color and is by far the favorite of her fans. We love her in brown hair, but pink is just so gorgeous on Ryu-jin! Oh, and don’t you think “IT’z ICY”?!

Kim Min-joo (IZ*ONE)

Pink hair - IZONE Kim Min-joo

IZ*ONE’s Kim Min-Joo in her long mermaid-like hair is perfect in pink. We just love the pale pink highlights that blend perfectly against her pastel pink locks! Against the warmth of the sun, her hair gleams of warm pink and a touch of coral.


Pink hair - Sulli

Actress Sulli proves that pink hair isn’t just a color for young girls, but also for women. Her light ombre pink hair is very versatile and stunning whether she’s wearing casual clothes or something that’s one step to being glamorous.


Pink hair - Taeyeon

Kim Tae-yeon’s hair is a lighter and a paler pink shade compared to the others. But doesn’t the faint tinge of pink make you want to dye and bleach your hair almost instantly? If you love monochromatic looks or if you love clothes that lean to a thousand shades of black, this is what we would recommend for you.

Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Pink hair - TWICE Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung of TWICE proves that the bubblegum pink hair is something that you should really try this season. The vibrant hues bring out anyone’s natural beauty, making you look really stunning and 100% trendy. Not to mention, K-pop idol worthy!


What’s your favorite celebrity shade of pink hair for this season? DO share your thoughts in the comments.

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